If you often stare at the blue sky when the weather is nice there is no denyingthat the sky is beautiful. With the color blue that dominates, the beauty of theheavens with clouds that adorn.
The question often comes to mind us, why the sky is blue? Why isn't the color ofgreen, red, or more? What does the color blue is the color reflected from the color of the water in the vast ocean? Many questions arose about it.

Basically the color of the sky is not blue, but the Earth has no color. If we clarifythese problems in physics, then an explanation of these events can be answeredscientifically.
Before discussing about it, let's learn about the first waves of light. Light wavesis one of the electromagnetic waves. If you ever watched the Sun's light colorthen you only see a white light. In fact, sunlight does not have only one wave ofcolor but has some other color waves.

One of the scientists of physics Isaac Newton for the first time piloting a beamof visible light that comes from the Sun passed a glass Prism. The result is a beam of sunlight passing through a Prism and terbias widens, then some colorslook due to the scattering of light from the Prism.
It turns out that the light can be dispersed (spectrum) by a glass Prism and prove that white light is composed of several kinds of turns colors like purple,blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
The order of the light depending on the seriousness of the big waves. In normal circumstances, usually a sequence of colors that will appear in sequence fromred, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo, and violet.

We return on the initial problem, namely why the sky is blue? After knowing thatthe sun light have different types of waves of colour then we will furtherclarification clarification.
The light emitted by the Sun is the center of the solar system (the Sun) to theplanet Earth will first hit the layer of the atmosphere. Outside air, sun light whichat first did not interact with any media while entering the atmosphere started tointeract with the molecules of the air molecules that can cause them todispersed in all directions. This term was made famous by scattering scattering of Rayleigh. Rayleigh scattering is the elastic scattering of electromagnetic waves (including light) is caused when a beam of light passes through theparticles where the wavelength is longer than the wavelength of the particleswas spent.
In fact, as the Sun passes through a layer of air or atmosphere, the length of theair molecules a thousand times smaller than the wavelength of light from the sun itself.
So this causes the Sun's light dispersed into several kinds of waves of colors likepurple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Scattering the blue color is the strongest colour scattering or at least four times more powerful than the scattering of other colors. The sky looks blue not a result of scattering wavelengths the Sun dominated by scattering light wavesblue.

The blue color of the sky that is dominated by scattering blue light from the Sun. In fact, the sky does not have colors, and colors are created is the color that results from the scattering of light from the Sun.

When the night is also so. Blue color that appears when a full moon or when the moon shines on the Earth are as a result of the terhamburnya the Sun's light byair molecules which are then color of the sky is dominated by the color blue.(source: Eko Hadi G/KafeAstronomi/atoptics.co.uk/allposters.com.au/URwallcoo.net).

as references to the article that discusses the symptoms of other natural you can read it here.

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