What is fire?---regards science for friends of the browser is still faithful study to date. At this time, our discussion will discuss about what is fire? There may be some people who don't know about what is fire? and why is there a fire? Before continuing your reading activities, help us to click the image on the side.

As someone who wants to deepen science of nature especially physics, thenquestions like this is a very suitable underlying question you in examiningnatural phenomena.

We return to the issue,
What is fire?
Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the process of chemical combustion, which produces heat, light, and various other chemical reaction results. A sloweroxidation processes such as pengkaratan or digestion are not included in this definition. The fire in the form variable-intensity and energy has the form of light (wavelengths also outside the visual spectrum so it can be invisible to the human eye) and the heat can also cause smoke. The fire also menumbulkaneffect of heat that can be felt, these pans are the radiation emitted by the fire in the form of waves that  to the segalah direction.

Fire (colour-influenced by the intensity of the light) is usually used to determinewhether a fuel included in tiers so that kombusi can be used for humanpurposes (e.g. used as fuel for a bonfire, a fireplace or a gas stove) or the burnerhardware levels are extremely destructive, burned with unbridled to the detriment of humans (e.g., firing on buildings, forests, etc.). The fire oxidationpower relies heavily on its own temperature and the type of material which willburn at. If such material is metal so long it takes to melt a metal depend on themelting point of the metal.

The discovery of how to make fire is one of the most useful thing for a human being, because of the heat, the hominids (human and its relatives such as APE) could be safe from predatory animals, cooking food, and got a light source andkeeping himself to keep warm. Even today many people still but isolated,consider the fire is the lifeblood of all living beings.

Until now, the utilization of a fire is very large. It is used not only in the kitchen, even a fire in the utilization of the industry and the laboratory is very important.Depending on it's own api pemnafaatan how. Well, now it's clear "what is fire?" If there is still less obvious please ask in the comments below!

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