Lightning is a natural phenomenon that often we saw at the time of the rainy season. Before reading any further in this article, our shape by clicking on theimage on the side. This phenomenon has been observed by our predecessorssince saman. Namuan utilization of the lightning itself is still not a maximum. in the history of ancient Greece, they have gods patir (zeus). There are manyassumptions associated with lightning. Lightning often at ibatarkan sign a fight between a creature of heaven, the wrath of the gods, and the harbinger of the coming rains. Later research found that Thunderbolt is a very high potentialdifference in the cloud.

There are two tori can lightning describes scientifically, that is:

1. Friction between the clouds

On the process of the occurrence of lightning in the clouds, these theoriesassume that initially the cloud moves following the direction of the wind, during the process of this cloud of mutual back rub against each other. From this was born the process of electron-electron non negative bermutan that meets the surface of the cloud. This process can be described in simple terms on a plasticruler that is rubbed on the hair then this ruler would be able to pull pieces of paper.
At one time these clouds will be collected in an area, when this is possiblelightning occurs due to electron-electron free this corroborate one another. So it has enough potential difference for grabbing the surface of the Earth. both ofthese theories might make sense though the incidence is actually still is amystery.
The lightning grabbed the Earth diakibatka because of the nature of theconductor of the earth itself to absorb the electric field. Just imagine if the Earthcannot absorb electric fields arising in the cloud. No doubt we will be terrorizedevery day by lightning.

2. The process of ionization

Lightning occurs resulting non-charged ions inhibit negative and positive ions in the clouds, the electricity generated by the friction between the cloud and the incidence of Ionization is caused by changes in the shape of water ranging fromliquid to gas or vice versa, even change the solid (ice) into liquid and freezing at the stage reached a temperature below 0 degrees between-10 to-15 Celsiusdegree movies
Free ions occupy the surface of the cloud and the move followed a breeze, whenclouds accumulated somewhere then a charged cloud will have a potential difference is big enough to grab the surface of the Earth then this is calledlightning.

Assorted lightning rods

Nature always showed his anger is so terrible, sometimes natural phenomenonoccurs frequently can take its toll. But unlike the lightning, the result of lightning strikes not as much victims of the consequences of natural disasters such asvolcanic eruptions, tsunamis, landslides, and floods. Human beings are alwaystrying to tame the violence of nature, or at least menghidarinya, one is Struck.and methods ever developed:

The two scientists above the Faraday and Frangklin featured almost the samesystem, i.e. the contracting system electric current by connecting between the top of the building and its grounding. Whereas the system of protection of the recipient of the tip/Splitzer generated is the same in the range of 30 ~ 45 '. The difference is the system developed by Faraday that conducting Cable located onthe outside of the building with the consideration that the cable conductor also serves as the recipient of strike, and the shape is in the form of electrical cage orFaraday cage called.

2. Radio Active lightning rods

Research continues to develop and the resulting conclusion that lightningoccurs because there is an electrical charge on the cloud generated by the process of ionization, ionization processes in the penggagalan then do with how to wear Substance specimens misl. Radiun Ameresium 241 226 and, because of the 2 ingredients is able to scatter the radiasinya ion can neutralize the electrical charge of the cloud.
Are other benefits is a scattering of ion radiation will add the charge on the tip of Finial/Splitzer and when large-laden clouds which are not capable of innetralkan by radiation substances then grab, then it will be leaning on thisradiation unit. The existence of this type of lightning is already banned its use,based on an international agreement with consideration of specimensdimasyarakat substance reduces that allegedly had a negative effect on the environment and health.

3. Lightning Elektrostatic

The working principle of lightning rod Electrostatic adopted some system of radioactive lightning rods, i.e. Add the charge on the tip of finial/splitzer solightning always choose this tip to be struck. The difference from an in-flightRadioactive and Electrostatic energy used is on. Radioactive lightning rods forelectrical charge resulting from the process of scattering of specimenssubstances while on the lightning rod of electrostatic energy electric generated from Li


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