The theory of the propagation of a fairly successful first light describes themotion of waves in three dimensions expressed by Christian Huygens in 1678.Before continuing your reading activities, help us to click the image on the side.Hyugens argued that the peak of light wave-shaped surface, the surface layers of the skin such as onions. Remember back understanding wave peaks and valleys on the deliberations of the wave? In a vacuum or in a uniform structureof materials, surface-surface of this spherical light waves. Surface-surface wavesradiating out moves at the same speed with the speed of light. This is similar to the description of water waves which occur when we drop a stone into the water surface that is very quiet.

On the basis of the theory of propagation of light presented by Hyugens that every point on the surface of the waves also behave as a source of a new wave of smaller circles, called wavelet. A wave of construction brought by thisHyugens able to explain why the light waves will tend to gush when out of a small hole, instead of in the form of a beam of light.

based on the theory of the propagation of light, when two waves meet, then it will happen the interference of waves. Such events also occurred on the light.So, two light waves can be berinterferensi. When the top of a wave meets up with another wave of peak, then a second wave will produce a larger wavepeaks. This event is called the kontruktif interference. When the top of a wavemeets a valley with another wave, the second wave of the then this will tend tonegate the resulting waves tend to be smaller or even none at all. This event is called destructive Interference.

Have you ever observed how the behavior of light when passing through a small hole?? for example, when the tile or perforated ceilings in your home so thatsunlight can pass through the hole, how patterns of light that entered the House?? If the hole is large enough then you will see that the light that entered the House in the form of a beam of light straight across. But if the hole is very small, then the incoming light will memencarkan and shows a pattern of darklight. Events radiation of light through a narrow slit diffraction. This is an illustration of everyday life which describes the theory of propagation of light

The explanation above is a brief explanation about the theory of the propagation of light. Hopefully this article can be reverensi you in mecariscience.

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