In our environment often witnessed one of these natural phenomena. Lightningvery often we encounter in the rainy season but lightning occurs only at the time of the rainy season. When the dry season this rare natural phenomenon we encounter. Why is this so? Let's solve together the moment after reading this article.
The phenomenon of lightning that we often encounter in the rainy season is always accompanied by the sound of rumbling Thunder flash light grabbed dar.Lightning or Thunderbolt sapa we akrap was followed by the sound of thunderbut lightning and Thunder occur simultaneously but due to the quick sound and light of different vines so that we see the light of lightning followed by the sound of rumbling Thunder.

The release of energy from the electrical charge in the clouds so the magnitudethus leading to the barrage of light, heat, and sound very strong, namelygeluduk, Thunder, or lightning. Geluduk, Thunder, or lightning can destroy buildings, killing people, and destroyed the trees. In such his to the point when the lightning was streaking, body bright cloud will, as a result of the split, sambarannya the average speed of 150,000 km/s it will also cause the sound blaring. When the accumulation of electric charges in the clouds has beenenlarged and stable, a leap of electricity (electric discharges) happening would be penetrated the mass of other electrical bermedan, in this case is the Earth.Large electric fields at least that allows of lightning is about 1,000,000 volt per meter.

In physics, lightning occurs because of the difference in charges contained in the cloud and the Earth or other clouds. Process the charge on the clouds becauseclouds of constituent particles move continuously on a regular basis, and during the movement he will interact with the other so that the negative charge cloudwill gather on one side (top or bottom), while positive charges gather on the reverse side. If a potential difference between the cloud and the Earth is large enough, then it will happen the disposal of negative charge (electrons) from a cloud to the Earth or vice versa to attain the equilibrium. On the process ofdisposal of this charge, the electron is the medium of air. At the time of the electron is able to penetrate the insulating air threshold is this happening blastof sound.

That's the last exposure to the memngenai process of the occurrence oflightning. Well, maybe you can already understand the process of occurrence oflightning. Comment to support the development of our postings

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