Temperature is a measure of average kinetic energy of the moving average ± molecule ± molecule. The temperature of an object is a state that determines the ability of reviews Reviews These objects, to move (transfer) heat ± objects to other objects or receive heat from another object ± the objects. In a system of two objects, objects that heat loss is said to be the object temperature and morehigh. 

Understanding Climate Change Climate
In general, people Often declare climatic conditions tantamount to weather conditions, whereas the second term is a condition that is not same.

Some weather definitions are:

*Overall state of the atmosphere at any one time, Including changes, development and disappearance of a phenomenon (World Climate Conference, 1979).

*State variable overall atmosphere somewhere within a short interval of time that (Glen T. Trewartha, 1980).

*State of the atmosphere is represented by the value of various parameters, Among others temperature, pressure, wind, humidity and various phenomena rain, places or sectors in the region during a short period of time (minutes, hours, days, months, seasons, years) (Gibbs, 1987) .

Science who learn the ins and outs about the weather is called meteorology.

While the climate is defined as follows:

*Synthesis of weather events over a long period of time, roomates statistikcukup can be used to show statistically different values ​​to the circumstances at any time (World Climate Conference, 1979).

*Concept abstract Stating the habit of weather and atmospheric elements in a the area for a long period of time (Glenn T. Trewartha, 1980).

*Statistical chances various atmospheric circumstances, Among others, temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, the the which occurred in a region over a long period of time (Gibbs, 1987).

The study of the ins and outs of the so-called climate Climatology.

As for the definition of climate change is the change in the physical condition of the earth's atmosphere between other distribution of rainfall and temperature sweeping impact on various sectors of human life (Ministry of Environment, 2001). Reviews Reviews These physical changes are not happening just a moment but in the long period of time. Space agency (2002) defines climate change is the average change in one or more elements of the weather at a particular region. While the term climate change is a global-scale changes in the climate of the earth reference region as a whole. IPCC (2001) stated that climate change Refers to the average variation of climatic conditions somewhere or on a statistically significant variability for a long period of time (usually a decade or more). 

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