Prof. Nelson Tansu, Ph.d.: Youngest Professor United States Origin Indonesia

Prof. Nelson Tansu, Ph.d. was born in Medan, North Sumatra, on October 20, 1977. He was the second son among three siblings fruit couples Iskandar Tansu and Lily Auw, a company based in Medan, North Sumatra. Both parents Nelson is printing businesses in Medan. They are graduates of universities in Germany. Brother Nelson Tansu, Tony, is a master of Ohio, USA. So was her sister, Inge Tansu, is a graduate of Ohio State University (OSU). It seems clear that Nelson indeed comes from a highly educated family environment. He was the best HIGH SCHOOL graduates Sutomo 1 Medan in 1995 and also became a finalist Team Indonesia Physics Olympiad (TOFI).[1] the physics Olympic team Finalist Indonesia (TOFI) this was the second son among three siblings fruit hearts pair Iskandar Tansu and Lily Auw. Both parents Nelson is a graduate University in Germany and has a printing business in Medan. His brother, Tony Tansu, is master of Ohio, USA. So was her sister, Inge Tansu, is a graduate of Ohio State University (OSU). While still in elementary school, Nelson Tansu was fond of reading biographies of famous physicists.

 He had great admiration for the achievements of the physicists because many physicists who have earned a doctorate, became a professor and there are even some physicists managed to find a theory (Einstein's grandparents) when it was young. Because reading life physicists, since it's still elementary school, Nelson Tansu ideals had wanted to be a professor at universities in the United States. "According to me, success is not of a level of cleverness. I never felt that I am myself more intelligent or more from others especially those other Indonesia. Actually I think I was mediocre but I do people who are diligent and hard work. So, in my opinion, hard work and outstanding focus is the key of success. In addition to the hard work and focus, I also got the support of his wife (Adela Gozali Yose) and my family to be able to contribute until now. " From the rest of the journey of life and his career, Nelson claimed that all the success that cannot be separated from the support of his family. When asked about who is the most influential, he is quick to call his parents and his grandfather. "They embed on the importance of education since I was a kid once," he said. There are interesting stories in there. 

When still in elementary school, his parents often proclaimed that the Nelson with a few cousins who've doctorate. The comparison is actually less fit. Because, the cousin of Nelson was far above her age. There are 20 years older. But small, Nelson took it seriously and was determined to compensate hard at the same time beyond it. Time finally answered imipian Nelson. "So, thanks to my parents. I really love with many challenges. We are so encouraged, so, "he said. Nelson admitted, the late grandfather used to also trigger the spirit and discipline of their learning. "My grandfather Deceased people who are very good, but a bit harsh. However, because of the harshness, I even became more diligent and trying to achieve the highest standards as perfect as possible in doing something, "he explained. History of education After graduation from high school, Tansu gained a scholarship Bohn's Scholarships to study at the Department of applied mathematics, electrical engineering, and physics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, United States. In 1998 the Tansu achieved a bachelor of science which is just over 2 years 9 months with Summa Cum Laude. 

After that, he got a lot of offer of scholarships from various well-known universities in the United States. Nevertheless, the He chose to remain in College at the University of Wisconsin and earned a doctorate in electrical engineering in May 2003. His Doctorate thesis – in the field of photonics, optoelectronics, and semiconductor nanostructires got the award as "The 2003 Harold a. Peterson Best ECE Research Paper Award" beating 300 other doctorate thesis. In addition, other awards he received include WARF Graduate University Fellowships and Graduate Dissertator Let Travel Award. [2] In the fulfillment of the degree doktoralnya, Nelson Tansu bids as Assistant professor from different universities in the United States. Bid-bid this job make throw away to return and work in Indonesia. Then in 2003, in the age of 25 years, Tansu decided to work at Lehigh University as a professor of asissten at the Department of electrical engineering and informatics. This is a great honor was appointed as a lecturer at the University. Although I was a professor in the Department of electrical engineering and Informatics, research I am more inclined to applied physics and quantum electronics, "tukasnya. [3]

At the age of 25 years old Tansu was appointed Professor (full Professor) at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and direct teaching students at the masters level (S-2), doctorate (S-3), even post doctoral Department of electrical and computer engineering. Tansu is the first Indonesia became a professor at Lehigh University. In the fall semester in 2003, I was teaching doctoral students in subjects physics and applications of photonics crystals. In the spring of 2004, I teach graduate students in physic. matakuliah semiconductor device Maybe it is, "says Tansu. 

During the months of September to December in the autumn of 2004, Nelson Tansu teaching doctoral class in quantum mechanics applied to nano-technology of semi conductors. In addition, Nelson Tansu also became supervisor to research some of the PhD student and post-doctoral at Lehigh University. Because the achievements reached, Nelson Tansu became perhaps the leading universities in the United States and other countries. The offer came from various universities in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Taiwan. Of course the offer was provided from the best universities there are in the country. All bids were obtained by Nelson Tansu before and after he became a professor at Lehigh University. But all bids were finally ditepisnya and then he is loyal and committed to teaching at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. 

The main reasons advanced Tansu is willing to give Lehigh a sufficient budget for research, nanostructure semiconductor optoelectronic devices. According to Tansu, Lehihg University also has strong leadership and ambition to be the best with the best and leading professor employed to conduct world class research. Contribution to the world of research in April 2007 to April 2009, Tansu was promoted to Peter c. Rossin (Term Chair) is Assistant Professor at Lehigh University. Then in May 2009 until now, Tansu dipromosi became Associate Professor with tenure at Lehigh University. The position of the Professor with tenure is a lifetime position, and is usually only given to professors who have demonstrated a high productivity and high-calibre research. [4] currently, Prof. Nelson became a professor at the American University, Lehigh University, Pensilvania and teach the students at Masters level (S-2), doctorate (S-3) and post doctoral Department of electrical and computer engineering. More than 84 research results as well as her written works have been published in various conferences and international scientific journals. 

He also often invited to be the keynote speaker at various seminars, conferences and meetings, both intellectuals in various cities in the u.s. and outside the U.S. as Canada, Europe and Asia. Prof Nelson has acquired 11 awards and three patent for his invention. There are three scientific discoveries that have been patented in the us, i.e. the field of semiconductor nanostructure optoelectronics devices and high power semiconductor lasers. [5]Which is awesome, there are already three scientific inventions patented in the u.s., namely the field of semiconductor nanostructure optoelectronics devices and high power semiconductor lasers. In the middle of a busy doing other research two books, Nelson is in the process of publishing. The field of research that he is semiconductor optoelectronics and nanostructure semiconductor devices, where I do research both in the field of experimental and theoretically as well. The technologies include semiconductor lasers developed Tansu, quantum well and quantum dot lasers, quantum intersubband InGaAsN quantum well lasers, and quantum dots, type-II quantum well lasers, and GaN/AlGaN/InGaN semiconductor nanostructure optoelectronic devices. Metalorganic chemical vapor by use of the deposition to control atoms in semiconductor, we can do the bandgap of the semiconductor engineering. 

The use of this technology include the application in the field of optical communication, biochemical detection system sensors, weapons, and more. The expectation For Indonesia I believe that we should learn from Singapore that they pay teachers higher salaries than engineers, and also their Professor's salary is one of the best in Asia. As such, they can be the best talents menrekrut domestic and overseas to become a teacher and Professor in Singapore. [6] "the State of Indonesia is a big Country with a population of the 4th largest in the world. The many talents of our younger generation in excess of us-we who was more senior, and we should be able to give you the motivation to advance them, and also provides guidance and spirit of the right to be able to develop those young talents optimally. The nation of Indonesia is a great nation that should be able to provide a major contribution to world level. With a young generation of talented high in Indonesia (which in my opinion, much more remarkable than we are-our senior), then I'm sure Indonesia can become a developed country with a prosperous society and can also contribute at the level of the world."[7]" during a meeting in the I-4 (Bonds International Indonesia Scientists) in Jakarta in December 2010, I am really very impressed with the enthusiasm of the younger generation who want Indonesia forward. With such a positive spirit and mutual support among scientists, then I'm sure Indonesia Indonesia going forward and the young generation will continue to grow exceeding the current generation ". [8] of course, Indonesia must think how to provide container-container that can be competitive in recruiting and accommodating students of Indonesia which has been very successful in their research and higher education in the developed countries. 

Indonesia must have universities that have a high reputation in Asia, capable of menrekrut the best professors in the areas of academic, research, and reputation. To improve the quality of the professors at the University of Indonesia, then it must be capable of increasing the salary of professors in Indonesia. I often hear complaints of friends who had returned to Indonesia as a lecturer in the areas of salary, so they have to take a job outside the University consultancy. [9] So I really hope that if Indonesia is indeed committed to establishing high-quality universities that can break down into one of the best universities in Asia (Asia's top 5-10), then we would be able to menrekrut professor-professor of very high quality from abroad. 

With its great universities in Indonesia, we will also be able to attract young talents from foreign countries to attend school in Indonesia. I am very sure that high-quality universities is fundamental to improving the quality of human resources, technology, economic, social, and all this will make Indonesia became one of the powerhouse in Asia and the world. [10] in order to improve the quality of professors at the University of Indonesia, then it must be capable of increasing the salary of professors in Indonesia. I often hear complaints of friends who had returned to Indonesia as a lecturer in the areas of salary, so they have to take a job outside the University consultancy. 

Often after a few years in the position, they took the decision to go to Malaysia or Singapore to a lower position but a higher salary. So I guess it salary is very important thing to discuss. We must learn from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, which have been very successful in recruiting their professors from the USA and Europe mainly by providing research facilities are nice, a good salary, and high commitment to become the top universities in Asia and internationally. If Indonesia does not have a container that can accommodate students of Indonesia who have been successful in developed countries, it is very difficult for them to be able to go back to Indonesia. Because, if they return to Indonesia in the absence of such a container, they will not be able to develop their career in Indonesia. The Scientist Careers is not long, only about 30-35 years are productive and perhaps 15-25 years of a very productive. 

And the highly productive period was when they were young, creative, and have a lot of original ideas. Among developed countries, community educator, teacher or Professor, is highly respected. Perhaps this is because the sense of self-conscious community of developed countries about how important educators in shaping future generations. Don't forget also, almost all of the important discoveries that put advanced countries (such as United States) comes from research carried out by students and professors at the University. The nation of Indonesia should be able to have the best-quality universities (top 10 or top 5) in Asia. This is a goal that cannot be avoided if Indonesia wants to be one of Tiger's level of education in Asia.

 With the universities top 5 and top 10 in Asia, then the level of human resources (HR) Indonesia best can work in the country and also the best HUMAN RESOURCES from abroad can be drawn to contribute in improving the quality of the younger generation to come. Of course, the the fate of the nation of Indonesia in the future is in the hands of young children now. If not, indeed, our nation has to depend with who? Of course, young kids now must be given examples, ways, and opportunities for capable of being advanced and successful. The answer is of course only one fact, that is the best education for present and future generations!

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