Density is a hallmark of the sfat or material itself. Not all objects that exist in the world have the same density. For example, brick stone has a mass of different types. To be more clear about the mass of the substances we jump to the bottom line, but before the next then help us click the image beside. Here's how to calculate the density of a substance,

What's the heck of that substance?
Density of a substance is the quotient between the mass of a substance and the volume of the substance. Density of a substance (spirit) is proportional to the mass of the substance (m) and inversely proportional to the volume of substances (v). So we can write it with the formula:
ρ = m/v
ρ: density of substances
m: mass of the substance
v: volume substances

The mass is one of 7 magnitude, while density is one of the magnitude of the derivative. The unit of mass is derived from the type of quantity (kg) mass of thestaple and staple length quantity (m). The units of density in SI is kg/m3. The other type is the unit of mass is the gram/cm3.

Table 1. Of the various types of substances
From the table above we can find out that the density of certain metals such asPlatinum or gold is much larger than other substances. Density variety ofdifferent substances even though the number of objects or the volume is the same. Density of a substance commonly used as a benchmark is the Density of the water and the Density of mercury. Density of water in liquid form, i.e. 1000 kg/m ^ 3, or 1 g/cm ^ 3, whereas mercury or mercury has a Density 13600 kg/m ^ 3 or 13.6 g/cm ^ 3.

Important: 1000 kg/m ^ 3 = 1 g/cm ^ 3

How to determine the density of a substance?
1. determine the type of solid mass
a. Determine the mass of a solid type of shape is regular.
To determine the density of a substance which forms regularly with how to determine the mass of the object by means of weighing the object using abalance sheet. Then calculate the volume using the volume formula of wake upspace. Massajenis object is knowable by way of dividing the mass by the volume of the object.
b. Determine the mass of a solid type of irregular shape.
to determine the density of a substance which forms irregular, such as gravel.The first step that should be friends do is determine the mass of the object by means of weighing the object using a balance sheet. The next step of friends-friends provides a measuring cup, then fill the glass with water. Friends record the volume of the measuring cup then enter the gravel into a measuring cupand record the volume measuring cup after being given gravel. Calculate the volume of a rock by way of reducing the volume of water in a measuring cupafter being given pebbles and water volume prior beri gravel. Then the count ofkeriki by way of membegi the mass of gravel with a volume of gravel.

2. Determine the mass of the liquid type
Liquid density is measured using a hydrometer. To find out the density of aliquid by means of inserting hidometer into the liquid to be measured. Things to watch out for when using a hydrometer is increasingly in tercelup then thehydrometer mass types of liquid measured is getting smaller.

What are the benefits to calculate the density of a substance?
By calculating the density of a substance temna-friends can take advantage ofthese substances for a particular purpose. For example, calculating the densityof aluminum, then friends-friends can know why aluminum is used to make the plane fly? aluminum materials used as aircraft due to the small mass of alumium, so density alumnium also small. Density aluminium is less than the density of airso that the apesawat can fly in the air

Examples of the phenomenon
The Submarine
Do you know why ice floats in water can, while the stone is immersed in water?Ice has a Density less than water, so the ice can floating in the water. Stone sinkin water because it has a density greater than water. Do you know why the submarine can float and sink in water? When the total mass of floating Typesubmarine smaller than sea water and during the sinking Of the submarine's total is greater than sea water. Submarines have ballast tanks that contain water and air. The tank is located between the hull next to the inside and outside. The tank can serve to dilate or memperkecilMassa Type total submarine. Whenpumped sea water enters into the ballast tanks, the mass of the largersubmarine Types and vice versa so that the total Density of the submarine beingsmall, the sea water is pumped out.

Gas Balloons
Did you see the balloon? You know what, there is gas in it? Gas balloonscontaining helium gas. Helium gas has a mass of smaller Types of air so that thegas balloon could rise to the top.

Cold drinking water in the refrigerator

A when you've probably seen in a bottle of cold drinking water that comes fromthe freezer there is a sedimentary limestone. Why it can happen? Clear watercan also contain lime, however when viewed directly with the invisible eyes.When cold air mass types of smaller water and separated from the Cretaceouschalk which has a greater Density will drop down and settles.

The above article is menhitung way of exposure to a substance, it is easy to hope you can get sufficient explanation in this article.

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