HOW The Interaction Of LIGHT With MATTER

Greetings science if you ever see the light of the Sun penetrate window glass, then what you're thinking? To answer it then let's learn the pattern of how the interaction of light with matter in this article. Before continuing your readingactivities, help us to click the image on the side.

A discussion of the properties of light can be divided into two main categories, namely, how the nature of light when interacting with matter and how the nature of light in . Because cahay including wave, then the propagation of light has quite a lot in common with perambatannya otherwaves, including sound waves and water waves.

The interaction of light with matter

How is the interaction of light with matter?? What happens to light when in thehead on a matter? as it turns out, the light can interact with the atoms in the material. This interaction will cause the electrons in the material/material will vibrate. Big nothingness of the vibration of electrons depends on the frequencyof light are on and the structure of the electrons in the atom itself (atomic structure).

When interacting with an ingredient, chances of that happening were three on the light, that it can be forwarded and the light can be reflected bymaterial/material, and is absorbed by the material. The third possibility this could occur either singly or joined. So, it could have been when light interacts with a particular material, light is reflected and absorbed some of it.

Light waves are forwarded in materials such as air, water, and when the lensthrough it. If light can continue in a material, then this material is called the material opaque (transparent). When the material is opaque in hover with our eyes, then we still can see the objects surrounding us clearly. These eventsexplain the question at the beginning of this article about how the interaction of light with matter (window glass).

When light waves reflected by a material, then we can see the object clearly. We can see the object because it reflects light. dark-colored material reflects lightless compared with light colored objects. Dark colored objects absorb morelight than light colored objects. If you pay attention to when you are drying the clothes under the blazing sun, then outfit with a dark color will dry more quicklythan with colored clothes brighter. Materials that can reflect light or absorb light is material not translucent (opaque). For example no opaque material is our body, books, table, etc. When objects are not opaque in hover to our eyes so we will not be able to see.

Besides the objects opaque and translucent light, no materials that can pickmost light teta [i reflects light partially absorb the other. Such materials are called opaque material (translicent). In this opaque materials, the light that enters will be dissipated. When an opaque material in hover with our eyes, then we can see a obejek with a shadow that is less clear.

The descriptors above is a brief explanation about the interaction of light with matter that exists around the us. Hopefully this article can be a reference for you!!!!!!!!!

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