Fire Sun Supports the proposed explanation of the mechanism of Particle-Accelerating

Fire Sun Supports the proposed explanation of the mechanism of Particle-Accelerating--for scientists studying the impact of the phenomenon of space,one of the central mysteries of the Sun – Fire release sycophancy colossalmagnetic energy in the solar atmosphere that erupt with the force of millions ofhydrogen bombs — is the means by which these explosions produce radiation and accelerate particles almost approaching the speed of light in a matter ofseconds. Before continuing your reading activities, help us to click the image on the side.

The latest findings from one observation is captured by a large radio telescope, the Very Large Array Jansky, has explained the elusive structure known as thetermination shock is believed to play a key role in converting the energyreleased from magnetic flares into the kinetic energy of the particle is accelerated.
In an article published in Science magazine this week, "the acceleration of the particle by the termination shock of the solar flare," solar scientists imagedshock and evolution of solar flares during a time that is durable and shows his role in accelerating particle.
"Though predicted by theoretical models, this is the first time we have haddirect and film images that show repeated formation, interruption, terminationshock and the Reformation, allowing us to connect it directly to the acceleration of the particles," said Dale Gary, distinguished professor of physics at NJIT andone of the authors of the article.

Strong shocks occur when high speed jet of expelled from blast site solar flaresrelease energy collides with a stationary plasma below. One of the surprisingresults was that, sometimes, some jets can interfere with shock, after the shocktakes time to reform. During the emission of interference, radio and x-raybecause of the accelerated particles observed declining not only in shock, but in the whole region, demonstrating that emits shock at least partly responsible forspeeding up the particles.
The observation is made possible by the new capabilities enhanced Karl g.Jansky's Very Large Array

New Mexico to obtain more than 40000 individual images per second observation is required to complete the features of emissions vary quickly produced by shock termination. This level of detail is completed allowing the identification of a strong source of radio as a surprise and revealed a dynamicevolution. Bin Chen, lead author of the article, developed the technique to visualize the dynamics of surprise from the millions of pictures taken during the event. Chen, as astrophysicist at the Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics,Harvard will join the upcoming January NJIT.

"Radio Emission is an excellent means to study high-energy particles, becausethe particles emit radio waves is very easy without losing a lot of energy in the process. High energy particles are not directly visible by optical solar telescope, while they generate higher energy x-ray photons hit particles especially whenthe surface of the Sun and let go of all their energy, "said Gary." To better understand the flare, it is important to detect particles in which they areproduced, which is done through radio observations, apart from where at the solar energy stored in their environment, which is the role of optical, ultraviolet,and X. the observation ray

Well, here's the latest bit of news related to the invention of "Sycophancy SunFire Support Proposed explanation of the mechanism of Particle-Accelerating".

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