Semiconductor materials which we now know was divided into two instinsik and extrinsic. For more details please read our articles on semiconductor materialand semiconductor material Of. Before continuing your reading activities, help us to click the image on the side. On semiconductor material deeper we are going to discuss it because it saw the deployment of science is very spacious.The use of semiconductor materials is very much used in device-electronicdevice that you are using now. electronic components like Transitor etc.

The staples of our discussion this time associated extrinsic semiconductor material about which is the opposite of the of. For more details We jump intothe subject matter of discussion.

Intrinsic semiconductor has the ability of small current conduction at room temperature. To be useful as an electronic device, a semiconductor materialpure should be modified such that significantly raise the nature konduksinya.This is accomplished by adding a bit of impurities (ketakmurnian) that fits into a semiconductor of it. It was later called the extrinsic semiconductor or not pure.

The process of adding impurities into the semiconductors known as doping. The amount and type of impurities that carefully controlled during processing of the intrinsic Semiconductor. Generally 10 ^ 8 semiconductor atoms with one atom of the impurities are added.
The intent of the addition of impurities is to raise the number of free electronsor holes in semiconductor crystals. If impurities pentavalen (it has 5 valence electrons) are added into the semiconductor, then produced a large number offree electrons in a semiconductor it. In other words, the addition of impuritiestrivalen (has 3 valence electrons) creates a number of holes in a semiconductorcrystal. Depending on the type of impurities are added, the extrinsicsemiconductors are grouped into (a) n-type semiconductor and (b) the p-typesemiconductor.

Basically the extrinsic Semiconductor is a semiconductor material that is not well known that where pure semiconductor material of pure semiconductor materialor be on the 4 in the periodic table. Extrinsic materials Ketakmurniansemikondukto meant was when the semiconductor material of doped or givenan extra atom of the other except the 1 and 8.

The mixing between the semiconductor material of with other elements made to create compounds that meimilki energy gep.

The question that then arises is How The Doping or process?

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