Explanation of the Elastic potential energy--have you ever had a device like a catapult Launcher? try to pull the rubber on your Slingshot and feel thepresence of the force you pull direction malawan. If you removed the pull stylethen the Catapult will throw objects that you put as a bullet. The question thatthen arises is what the power is actually owned by a catapult? To find out more details, please continue reading. But before you continue your reading activities, help us to click the image on the side.

In junior high you have studied physics about the effort. The effort can be calculated as the area under the graph of F and the transfer of s. Using the same way, an attempt is made to pull the springs can also be calculated as the areaunder the graph of F and increase the length of the spring is deltaX.

The graph of the relationship between the force F that works with long deltaXadded.
You can calculate the area of a diarsir area on the image of the chart above by using the formula of area of a triangle.


The whole business of W done by the force F is stored into an elastic springpotential energy because kinetic energy change does not occur this spring.Therefore, a spring that has a spring constant k and stretched as far as thesetimbangnya deltaX, have elastic potential energy by:

An example of a spring that is on the Catapult or cradle. If the Slingshot catapultthen released stretched Pack can throw stones. In this case, elastic potentialenergo will be transformed into kinetic energy of the rock:

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