One of the experiments in quantum physics is an experiment conducted byphysicist Dr. Edwin Hall. Before continuing your reading activities, help us toclick the image on the side. SebelumPercobaan this is very efeisien forexperiments done by students in one stratum steeped in the theories ofquantum physics.

Effects Hall is an event of berbeloknya flow of electricity (electrons) within the palette conductor due to the influence of the magnetic field. UGN3503 is one of the sensors that work with the principle effect of Hall.

The History Of The Hall Effect
The first time the effects of the hall was discovered by Dr. Edwin Hall in 1879when he was taking the title of doktoralnya at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Dr. Hall found that if a magnet is placed and the magnetic field isperpendicular to the surface of a gold plate that is attached to the flow, thenpotential difference arising at the ends of the opposite. He found that the voltage that occurs is proportional to the magnitude of the current flow and fluxdensity or magnetic induction perpendicular plate is taking action against.Although the experiment Hall successfully and can be accepted at that time,there has been no application using the effects of hall until 70 years thereafter.

The hall effect is an event of berbeloknya flow of electricity (electrons) within the palette conductor due to the influence of the magnetic field. When there is an electrical current that flows in the hall effect is placed in a magnetic field that isperpendicular to the direction of current, the movement of charge carriers willturn to one side and produces an electric field. Electric field enlargescontinuously until the Lorentz force acting on the particle being equal to zero. the difference between the two sides the potential is called potential hall.

This is comparable with the hall's potential magnetic field and an electric currentthrough the. Means of determining the potential of the great hall is verydependent on the magnitude of the magnetic field of a current flowing in the meeting I passed in the conductor.

Constant hall on each of the ingredients will vary including on silver andtungsten, constant hallnya will be different. And as for that cause the price of tungsten and silver hall constant different is because of the different types ofcharge carriers, if the carrier charge silver type is positive (hole) while tungstentypes of negative charge carriers (electrons).

The force on a charge moving in a conductor in a magnetic field by hall effectwas exhibited an effect analogous to the transverse bending of a beam of electrons in a magnetic field in a vacuum.

The principle of
Lorentz force is the main principle works the effect. This can be evidenced when we make a plate-shaped conductor conductor and magnetic field is given anelectric current, then the lorentz force will emerge. When it's the top plate as ifconductor will be lined up a positive charge, while negative charge will experience a Lorentz force towards the bottom, then on the bottom plate of theconductor seems kaan lined the negative charge (negative pole). Therefore will develop the electric field and potential difference on the conductor.

Here's some short reviews on the effects of Hall, hopefully what we haveexplained in our article entitled "effects of the Hall" can be a reference for anyone who wants to study the effects of this Hall.


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