A New Physics School on Quantum Mechanics

Have you wondered about the realstic study of quantum mechanics and its applications?

In this school, you will learn new techniques and the required mathemtatics for Introductry Quantum Mechanics.

The school will last for one day from 10 am to 8 pm.

School price: 145 LE includes materials, certificate and two breaks, one for light lunch and the other for coffee break.

Featured Topics



Orgigin of Quantum Inderminicy

Quantum Interference

Wavefucntions and Probability Distributions



Commutator Relations

Schrodinger's Equation

Solution for a partilce in 1D Box

Energy Quantization

Dirac Notation



Full Registeration must be done by the following:

Visiting Robonile Industires at

9 Hamad Street, Above Farah Resturant beside Farghali Juiceshop, Gammat El Dewal Street, El Mohandseen from 10 am to 4 pm.

Or bank transfer to:

National Bank of Egypt /

Ac Acount Holder: Sherif Ahmed Ahmed Fareed



Please call for confirmation of transfer and send a copy to



For More Information, please call:

for contact : 02-37480223 02-37480274

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