This Organic Compound Which Is Considered The Most Abundant On Earth

Cellulose is a molecule that consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and is found in the cellular structure of almost all material of plants. This organic compound, which is considered the most abundant on Earth, even the excreted by some bacteria. Cellulose is a long chain sugar molecules are linked to each other to provide power on the wood. Cellulose is the major component of plant cell walls, and basic building materials for many textile and paper. Cotton is a natural form of pure cellulose. In the laboratory, ashless filter paper is the source of almost pure cellulose.

Cellulose is a natural, long-chain polymers are made by linking molecules thatare smaller. Links in the chain of cellulose is a type of sugar: ß-D-glucose. The two molecules are not linked ß-D-glucose is described in the picture below [1].Related sugar unit when water is removed by merging-OH and H are highlighted in gray color. The relationship of two of the sugar it produces a disaccharide called selobiosa [2]. Cellulose is a polysaccharide produced by connecting an extra sugar in exactly the same way. Chain lengths vary from a few hundred units of sugar on the pulp to over 6000 on cotton.

Cellulose chains in the fluff with OH polar. These groups form the manyhydrogen bonds with the hydroxyl OH on adjacent chains, chains are mergedtogether. The chain also arranged regularly in several places to form part of the hard, stable crystalline region that gives the chain wrapped has more strengthand stability.

Cellulose is the main component of wood. Fiber cellulose in wood tied in lignin,a complex polymer. Manufacture of paper covering the processing of pulp withan alkali or bisulfit to destroy the lignin, and then pressing the pulp cellulosefibers together in a matte finish.

Cellulose is found in large numbers in almost all plants, and potentially a majorsource of food. Unfortunately, humans do not have the necessary enzymes to cleave the relationship between sugar in cellulose. In fact, the cellulose crystalsadded to some foods to reduce the calorie value.

How Cellulose used on food?
Additional fibers – with increasing awareness about your intake of fiber,cellulose has been one of the most popular food additive. Add cellulose on foods allows an increase in bulk and fiber without major impact on the flavor.Because the cellulose binds and mixes easily with water, often added to increasethe fiber content of drinks and other liquid items to improve the texture.

Lowering Calories – Cellulose provides a lot of volume or bulk in the diet, but because of the indigestible man, has no value. For this reason, the cellulose intopopular Penggembur agent in food diet. Consumers are consuming foods witha high cellulose content feel full physically and psychologically without having toconsume a lot of calories.

Thickening/emulsifiers – cellulose gel Acts when combined with water provides both a thickening and stabilizing the quality in the food that will be added.Cellulose gel acts similar to emulsion, memdatkan material in the solution and prevent water so as not to split up. Cellulose is often added to the sauce good for thickening and emulsifiers.

The strength of the thickening of cellulose also allows for more air to expandinto products such as ice cream, or whipped cream. Cellulose allows for the production of thick and soft food without using as much of the fat.

Anti-caking Cellulose – the ability to absorb moisture and coat the ingredients in a fine powder made of material options for the application of anti-caking.cheese Slices and grated, mixed spices, powdered and mixed drinks are just some of the many foods that utilize cellulose as an anti-caking agent.

Form Of Cellulose
Cellulose can be found on the list of materials under a variety of names,depending on the form used. Although cellulose has the same molecular structure regardless of its source (pulp, cotton, or other vegetable materials), how the molecules are bound together and whether or not they are hydratedcreates different "forms" of cellulose.

Cellulose powder is the most widely used in food products and is the form ofchoice for anti-caking. Cellulose gum or cellulose gel, which is a hydrated formof cellulose, which is often used in sauces or other wet items such as ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Cellulose can also be found on the list of ingredients under the name ofkarboksimetil cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, or MCC.


Glucose is a six-carbon sugar that comes in two forms of den

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