The Ionization Energy

As it known that every creature on earth need energy to survive and do a variety of activities. That energy can be obtained from various types of energy, one of which is the electrical energy.

Electrical energy is formed of a few atoms so it can cause the onset of energy.One of them is the ionization energy is the energy in the minimum amount foran atom to be able to let go of the electron from the outer skin with the State ofthe gas. Unit of energy is called also with kJ mol-1.

ionization energy-the energy sense-this will take off atoms from the skin deepinto the shape of the electron, each atom first released it will be referred to asthe first, the second Atomic ionization that is released will be referred to as the second ionization and so on forming of energy that can be beneficial to the survival of the creatures of this earth in advance. With the process of ionizationenergy, it will be easier for the nucleus of an atom to release one by one instead of having to release electrons directly to the second ionization.

Ionization energy does indeed issue a minimum number of atoms with makingenergy power becomes weak. However, any electrons released by the atom will have attachments and linkages with atomic nuclei, which will generate a certain amount of energy. Ionization energy of this will always be the shape of positive energy which can be proved by experiment or experiments where the object ofthe experiment will produce a voltage on certain points.

An example is when the need to do an experiment to test the pressure of theelectricity generated by the release of atoms into electrons. The experiment can be done by placing a species of gas in a tube, then the voltage at naikkanlah in savings by slowly. The first electricity will not be found until a certain voltage on points, where the electrons have been removed by the species. Voltage whenprice points or the occurrence of an electrical current was started called theionization energy. So this energy is also referred to as the ionization potential.

It's not easy indeed to understand about this discussion if you don't understandthe definition of the ionization energy. But after learning about the definition and how to process, then we will understand about how an electric current can be created through the atoms that releases a number of electrons gradually.

Even though the number depends on how strong the electrons will beinterconnected with the nucleus of an atom. The link between electrons withnuclei will cause potential mutual attraction called the electrostatic coulombdrag style. This style will have a price or the lowest points for small nuclear charge but with the radius of the atom.

This ionization energy has some tendency, namely the propensity and tendencyin the period. In the nuclear charge will have an effect on the electrons resultingin a State of constant or stable. It is characterized by the rise in the number ofatomic number it will be increasing atomic shield function. And the number ofAtomic RADIUS increases as we get older the skin on the first electron. So, it can be concluded in the energy decreases with the number of atomic numbersincrease.

In the trend of the period have things contrary to the trend. Ionization energy in one period will rise continuously for any additions to the number of atoms, which makes Atomic RADIUS will be getting smaller or shorter. With such conditions, to produce electron outer parts will be increasingly difficult forissued or removed, so the energy that forms the greater.

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