The Geometry In Math

Two Dimensional Geometry
The material is organized with a view to giving additional knowledge in the form of insights for teachers SMK on geometry, with the hope that it can be used as one of the sumberuntuk solves the problems of teaching opportunities in theCMS. 
Furthermore, the aim in particular, after completing this chapter, is to assist or facilitate their students in order to: (1) identify the angles; (2) determinethe circumference and area got up bangundatar; (3) Applying the transformation to wake up.

Understanding Geometry
Every day, the students will see, work, and tinkering with objects that are shapedas geometric: wake up the surface of the paper, the surface of the table, ball,place lime, dos, where ice-cream, as well as birthday hats; playing hide and seekon the field, ball field; working/playing with books, pencils, erasers, Blackboard,desks, chairs, toy car. Travers dkk (1987:6) stated that: "Geometry is the study ofthe relationships among points, lines, angles, surfaces, and solids".

 Geometry is the science that discuss the relationship antaratitik, lines, angles, areas and wake up the space. There are two kinds of geometry, i.e. geometridatar and the geometry of space. The geometry of the field (G or G Flat Dimension two)discuss waking up flat; Whereas G Space talking about wake-wake up space andwake up flat which is part of the wake up space.

 A wake is called wake up flatwhen the whole get up is located in one area. A wake is called wake up space ifdots that make up the wake up that not everything lies in an area of yangsama.To be discussed now is Two Dimensional Geometry, starting with the corner.

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