The Electrical Resistance Is Something That Resist The Flow Of Electricity

Electrical resistance is something that resist the flow of electricity. Electrical resistance is often referred to by the resistance, referring to the English termResistance which means barriers. Basically every material has its electrical resistance. A conductor that tends to conduct electricity have obstacles thatsmall and an insulator can not have electrified a big obstacle.

The analogy of electrical resistance can be likened to the flow of water in a pipe, where water flow we analogikan as the flow of electricity. A large pipe thatallows for irrigated water with greater discharge than the small pipes in the same time. This means small pipes more than a big pipe impede.

Then if we use the same pipe size but in the pipeline we give something of its nature to retain water like sponges, for example, then the flow of the waters will be reduced. In this case the sponge is regarded as barriers to water. In electronics, the sponge is likened to work as barriers against the electric current.
Symbols And Units Of Electrical Resistance
Electrical resistance value expressed in units of Ohms (Ω). Ohm's name is taken from the words of the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm, i.e. people who discovered the relationship between voltage, current and power hamabatan, known as Ohm's law. The unit can also be written with the Ohm sign Ω, namelycharacter Omega in the order of the latin alphabet.

Electrical resistance symbols are written with the letter R stands for Resistance.In practice everyday electronics, the letter "R" is also often used to refer to a component of the resistor, namely electronic components serve as barriers.

Ohm's Law

Ohm's law States that the magnitude of the current that flows between two points directly proportional to the potential difference between two points.Because the current flow is inversely proportional to its electrical resistancebetween two points that it can be stated that the current that flows is equal tovoltage divided its electrical resistance.

Ohm's law formula
Application of Ohm's law is something that most fundamental when we learnelectronics. With reference to the Ohm's law can be made further calculations to designing a series based on the formula above.

Resistance Vs Conductance
The resistance or the electrical resistance or conductance is inversely proportional to the groom. If the resistance value is how much it inhibits electric current, then the conductance value is how much delivers an electric current.These principles can be formulated that the magnitude of the konduktasi is inversely proportional to the resistance. The unit of conductance expressed insiemens (S) and are written with the symbol G.

Formula Conductance
The Resistance Of The Wire
The value of the resistance of a wire is determined by the resistivity (Ρ), wirelength of wire (l) and the cross-sectional area of the wire (A). The magnitude ofthe drag is directly proportional to the length and inversely proportional to thecross-sectional area. The revelation is contained in the law of a discovered byClaude Pouillet Pouillet, physicist country of origin France.

Wire resistance formula
Based on the above formula, it can be stated that a wire (of the same type) has a longer electrical resistance and a wire with larger cross-sectional area has a smaller obstacles.

Measuring Electrical Resistance
At first it used to be, its electrical resistance is measured using a Wheatstonebridge circuit invented by Samuel Christie in 1833 and perfected by Sir CharlesWheatstone in 1843. Wheatstone bridge can be obtained with the value of theprecision electrical resistance in particular to value a small obstacle.

Now, to measure the electrical resistance Ohmmeter measurement tool we usemost is already integrated in the measuring Multimeter. The working principle ofan analog Ohmmeter is inversely proportional to the measurement of currentand voltage. If the current measure voltages greater value is on the right whenmeasuring electrical resistance, electric resistance values that are larger will beon the left.


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