The Periodic System of Chemical Elements

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Intellectual greetings. Good after yesterday I posted about atomic theory, then as a continuation of the material this time I post material on the chemical periodic system of elements. apasih well as the elements of the periodic system? for more details please you read and understand the following explanation:
Periodic system of elements is a collection of atomic elements are arranged regularly in a system, namely the periodic table. Famous classical periodic system is Triade Dobereiner which reveals that when there are three elements of the same nature, the mass of the element in the middle is the average of the mass of the left and right elements. The modern periodic table hitherto used Mendeleev periodic table compiled by Dimitri Mendeleev at the beginning of 1869.
But this time Taabel periodic system of elements have been refined, well to understand this system, please note the following tables and explanations:
1. Group and Period
Group of the periodic table is a column element downward, while the period is the line of the system. There are 8 main group elements 1A through 8A. Also in the group of transition, from 3B to 2B. There is a period of 7 from top to bottom. Way of grouping is done by calculating the valence electrons and the period is the value of the outer shell of the atom.
Na_ {11}: ^ 1s 22s 63s ^ ^ ^ 22p 1
Number of valence electrons Na is one that is in the 1A class. The biggest skin is 3. So the Na atom is in group 1A third period.
2. The fingers Atom
Atomic radius is the radius size of the atom as a whole. In the periodic system of elements, atomic radius smaller increases from left to right, because of the strong pull of the protons in the nucleus. While the increase in size from top to bottom.
3. Ionization Energy
Ionization energy is the energy required to excite or raise electrons in the particular orbital to a higher orbital. Ionization energy grows from left to right in the periodic system. Meanwhile, from top to bottom a small increase
4. Affinity Electron
Electron affinity is the energy released (can also be absorbed) by an atom when it receives elertron from outside which makes the negatively charged atom. In the periodic system of elements, the magnitude of the electron affinity from left to right increases. Meanwhile, a small increase from top to bottom.
5. basicity and reactivity
Alkalinity of a substance is inversely proportional to the electron affinity. While the increased reactivity in the periodic system from top to bottom.
Now that's an explanation of the periodic system of elements may be understood and could be a useful reference for the study that the addition of insight. survivors learn ookeeyyy

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