The Math Formulas Build Space

Well this time I post an article about Formula Build Space. The formula wake ordinary room first learned while in elementary school. Well for that for you who are still in elementary school and being awarded a matter of geometry, I will provide information about how the heck a mathematical formula to get up space? but this time I only weeks to give the formula yah ... deh later in my next article jelasin one by one out of every formula okeeyyyyy ...... this is the mathematical formula for geometry may be useful. check it out .....
Cube formula:
To calculate the volume of a cube is used the formula:
Side x side x side (S rank 3)
Beams formula:
To calculate the volume of beams, you can use the formula below:
Length x Width x Height (p x l x t)
Ball formula:
For the ball, the calculation is somewhat complicated because it must use (phi) The following is the formula used in the calculation of figures with the ball:
4/3 x pi x r x t x t x t
4 x pi x r x r
Limas rectangular formula:
To find the volume of a rectangular pyramid can be using the formula:
P x l x t x 1/3
As for mencar extent, use the formula:
((P + l) t) + (pxl)

Tubes formula:
The volume of the tube can be determined by using the formula:
Phi x r2 x t
To an extent the tube, use the formula:
(pi x r x 2) x (t x r)
Cone formula:
To wake up space cone, apply formulas:
Volume: (pi x r2 x t x 1/3)
Size: (pi x r) x (S x r)
Prisma formula right triangle:
Volume on Prisma formula right triangle can be determined by the formula:
As x ts x tp x 1/2
As: a triangular pedestal
Ts: High triangle
Tp: high Prisma
Note: To master the formula above and in order to memorize by rote then you need to be frequently practiced by working on the problems that using the above formula. okeeeyy

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