Definition, symbols and definitions of mathematical set

The set is a collection of objects or objects with the definition of clear boundaries. So a set of objects or object that there is no clear boundary is not a set. Examples:
1. set ank-brat (naughty is not clearly defined),
2. The set of delicious cakes (delicious no limit).
Examples for a set of example:
1. The set of four-legged animals (quadrupeds clearly defined)
2. The set of two-wheeled vehicle (two-wheeled vehicles clearly defined)

The epitome of a set
The set can be denoted with an asterisk brace: "{}" or given a name with a capital letter, for example: A, B, C, D, ..., Z.
Membership of a set
Each object or objects that are included in the set is named as a "member" or "element". And an object that is not included in the set is referred to as "not a member" or "notelemen".
The notation is:
"E" is read members
"E" is read not a member
The number of members of a set A is denoted as "n (A). To set the same members sufficient written only once.
- A = {vowel in the word "sun", then A = {a, i} and n (A) = 2.
Thus, a E A, i E A m E A, u E A.
- P = {June, July, January}, then n (P) = 3.
June E P E P in January, March E P.
Declare a set
The set can be expressed in three ways, namely:
1. With these words
2. By registering member-members,
3. With the formation of the set notation.
With these words
by registering
With the formation of the set notation
A = {Numbers factor of 36}
A = {x / x factor of 36}
S = {the first ten natural numbers}
S={0,1,2,3, …, 10}
S = {x / x first ten natural numbers}
V = {prime numbers less than 20}
V = {x / x <20 x E primes
P = {natural numbers}
P={1,2,3, …}
P = {x / x E of natural numbers

In the above table A, S, V is called finite set of members is limited because, on the example 4, P is called an infinite set of infinite because its members, which means "and so on".
empty set
The empty set is the set that has no members. The notation for the empty set is: "{}".
- K = {original biulangan between 9 and 10}
- L = {names beginning with the letter P}
- M = {odd number divided by an even number}
It was concluded from the above example that the set K, L, and M does not have a member, then referred to as the empty set. The number of empty set is 0 (zero).
Thus n (K) = 0, n (L) = 0, n (M) = 0.
The set of rules

The set of rules is the set that contains all members of the set are discussed.
-P = {2, 3, 5, 7}
-S = {X / 2 <x <8 x E an odd number}
-S = {2, 3, ..., 8}
-S = {First four primes}
Because all members of the P is in S then said to the set S is the universe of talks of P.

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