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Here are the causes of itchy skin, especially in the groin and the way to cure him. The groin area is the area of ​​sensitive skin. Easily occur irritation or allergic skin on teresebut area. One possible cause is the use of pants that are too tight, long and less material to absorb sweat. Including the use of long pants, especially jeans are made. Especially for those who love to use tights. Humid areas around the groin will feel sultry, giving rise to excessive sweating. If the surrounding area is not immediately cleaned up, the sweat that comes out will mix the bacteria making the irritation, berdaki and moldy.

Causes Itching in Crotch

Itching in the groin usually caused by an infection, chemical irritants and allergies. Here's the explanation.

Fungal infections
Itching in the groin one that most are due to a fungal infection. Medical term is tinea cruris. Due to the lack of cleanliness is maintained then it will be easy to grow mushrooms in the groin. Mushrooms is very easy to grow in moist areas such as the groin area.

Some fungi seem very distinctive, especially those grown groin area. Character is sometimes visible brownish red to black with a clear boundary as shaped island. Nothing looks scaly or flaking. This fungus will feel very disturbing and the desire to scratch section groin area when exposed to sweat during the move.

People affected by Intertrigo usually plump, the groin area is hot, and humid. Intertrigo can be characterized by redness, burning, and itching occurs in skin folds, groin. An inflammation of the skin (dermatitis) which only affects the skin folds. The main cause is the friction between the skin or skin friction with clothing, which is further aggravated by humidity and heat at a temperature of tropical Indonesia.

Bacterial Infections
There are some people who become irritated or inflamed skin becomes red. It is also susceptible to infection. If there are any bacterial infection, it will be increasingly felt itchy diselangkangan dab the skin becomes reddish, and sometimes arises pus. If the infection is more severe, the patient will feel pain and fever.

Crotch itch and irritation can also be caused by a mite Sarcoptes scabei. Place favored by the ticks are on the sidelines of the fingers, stomach and groin area. Peak itching occurs at night.

Allergic reactions
Use of soap, shampoo, cream or ointment as ridding the body could be one factor why the groin can be itchy, berdaki and moldy. Sometimes not realized that the drugs will be used to treat fungus in the groin instead made worse because of an allergic reaction so that the skin becomes itchy, reddish material to black.

Natural Ways to Reduce Itching in Crotch
The easiest way is to change your lifestyle. Among others :
Use underwear made of cotton. This is to reduce the humidity of the crotch area also to absorb excess sweat. Try to change underwear at least 2x a day.
Do not get used to using too tight pants, especially jeans are made in a long time. Do not let the region V becomes more humid and hotter because bacteria will more and more appear in the area.
If the night try using a soft sleep pants and loose cotton without using underwear for air circulation and oxygen supply to the v fulfilled.
After cebok or bath, try the groin area is cleaned with a clean towel or a disposable tissue.
Do not mutually towel.
Do not use soap or alternately dedorant especially in the groin area. Will only aggravate the situation.
Scratching is delicious and fun, but scratching will turn into miserable because it will only make the crotch irritation and cause new sores.

Effective Natural Remedies Eliminate Itching in Crotch
Wash your crotch with running water.
Clean with soap SEREH are easy to find in a mall or supermarket. If you have trouble to get it, please order on us.
Wipe with a clean slate. Then apply argan oil evenly on the groin area itch, berdaki and irritation.
Perform routine in the morning, afternoon and at night before bed.
If you do with discipline plus follow our suggested above, then itching in the groin will be gone less than a week or 7 days. *

Crotch itch medicine will work effectively if used continuously and regularly within one month.

Results will vary for each person, depending on the severity, the lifestyle and the use of clothing worn.

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